Esperanza portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 9-14, 2006
  • Esperanza
  • Liberty and Madera High Schools - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite Cove

Dear Friends and Family of Richard Iglehart,

Thank you for making it possible for students like me to be able to have such a great experience out in the wilderness. I had never gone backpacking before and this was the best experience ever. I really appreciate your interest in students' needs. To me, now that I've experienced the wilderness, I realized a lot of things about myself that I didn't know before. In the past three days, I've learned that I can communicate with others even if I have not known them for a long time. I learned how I can be independent and this is really important to me. I believe that in my experience in the wilderness I not only gained a family, independence, and skill, but also confidence in myself, which is something that is hard to gain. I thank you so much for making this experience come true, for I have learned great leadership skills, and a memory that will last a lifetime. To me, Wilderness is a unique place that brings peace, confidence, and knowledge. To me wilderness was not important as much as it is now. Wilderness is something that may not be imitated and that's why it is so special and should not be altered by mankind. Wilderness is like a dream come true and like a memory that will never fade away. Wilderness is a great feeling you can share with those you love, and that makes you feel at ease with yourself.

Love always,Esperanza

5 Senses Poem

Rushing water that makes you feel more different
than you've ever felt before.
Trees so tall you can't help but wonder
about the history they carry.
ildflowers that now I can name.
A smell I've never experienced before.
A smell that I wish I had encountered before.
Students just like me
that now have joined together into on big family.
No cars to make the noises you hear in big cities.
Mountains so high
that make you wonder how people have climbed to their tops.
A taste that I wouldn't have come upon
if I had missed the opportunity to come.

Rushing water and yet a peaceful silence
that my not be described.
Tranquility. No cars!!
Fiddleneck and storksbill wildflowers
that are so beautiful and unique.

esperanza twins at summit
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