Andrew portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 9-14, 2006
  • Andrew
  • Liberty and Madera High Schools - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite Cove

Dear friends and family of Mr. Iglehart,

I am very grateful for you sponsoring our expedition. It is a pleasure being here. Thank you for allowing me to on this trip; it is something not to miss out on. This trip is really fun; we saw many animals such as ravens, robins, blue jays, foxes, newts and a skunk. This trip has made me grow in many different ways. Thank you. Sincerely, Andrew

5 Senses Poem

Water, birds and trees and extraordinary currents.
The dirt pilled up on my skin can't wait for a shower.
This trip has made me stronger physically and mentally.
I feel a bond with the group I'm with.
I sure do miss my family and my house but this is worth it.
I'm kind of scared because the trails are so narrow you could off the edge but I made it up safely.
I guess there is something for me to learn out here.
I'm glad I came (not really).
I don't really want to be out here but I'm willing to try new things.
The trail is very dangerous I feel really safe with Deep and Mandy.
They know what they're doing
Gotta go to bed or must I say (tent).
Ps I love you mom and dad and Jordan.

andrew journals andrew deeps and christian andrew and the poppies
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