• Expedition: Apr 9-14, 2006
  • Liberty and Madera High Schools - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite Cove

As a result of the generosity of the Iglehart Wilderness Foundation, students from Liberty High School in Bakersfield and Madera High School in Madera were able to enjoy a true spring backpacking experience to Hite Cove in the Sierra National Forest. The group was small and intimate, due to several flu victims from Reseda High School who were unable to join us at the last minute. However, we made up for our small number with a group that was endowed with tremendous leadership, energy and enthusiasm for new experiences. We wish to thank the Iglehart Wilderness Foundation for increasing their support to make a second expedition in memory of Richard Iglehart possible for this year.

Despite an ominous stormy forecast for the week, the weather held and we were only touched with gentle showers as we hiked into our campsite Tuesday morning. The big rain had the courtesy to wait for us to get snug and sleepy in our tents to fall.

We took an adventurous and challenging hike up to a high mountain ridge, where we enjoyed a cool breeze and view worth all the work. We enjoyed sighting various birds (including a golden eagle!) and learning bird lore from Deeps, and also spotted lots of newts on the trail. But the biggest treat of all was the wildflowers, which unfurled all their best for the sun which graced a spectacular hike out as we revelled in the quintessential spring experience in Hite Cove.

For most it was a trip full of first time challenges and experiences, but throughout our journey, we all discovered what it means to be a leader; how to find your way if you're uncertain; and what Wilderness has to offer each of us in our very different lives. As Deeps reminded us, "the juice is worth the squeeze". And I can assure you, the juice was indeed sweet, well worth the work it took to obtain it this week. Thank you to a group of outstanding expedition members, and to the Iglehart Wilderness Foundation, for a week we won't forget.

deeps journals flowers group on summit camp scene on the trail small waterfall group on trail poppies twins journal ridge view flower andrew and flowers tree frog group at falls map lesson newt our old friend, poison oak flower covered hillside more poppies
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