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  • Expedition: Feb 19-24, 2006
  • Pa
  • Merced High School - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite Cove

Dear Friends and Family of Richard Iglehart,

Thank you for using your time making this WildLink. It's so beautiful, when I climbed up on top of the mountain and saw lots of other mountains everywhere. Thank you for having lots of people to come and join your WildLink. Without your help of making this happen, maybe we couldn't get to come up here and camp around here. So Thank you very much. To me, wildness is a Beautiful place where people come to have a nice vacation and to camp around. Wilderness is a beautiful place where you see beautiful mountains from far away and waterfalls. WildLink has a place that you see waterfalls during spring or summer. It's a beautiful time to come and visit because it has fresh air and water.

pa working on archaeology project girls by river girls in snow
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