Joaquin portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 4-9, 2006
  • Joaquin
  • Harbor City/Gardena B&G Club and one.success
  • Yosemite National Park: Panorama Rim Trail

Compare the Wilderness with where you live.

There are no cars, less pollution in the air and water. Your barely see people. No gang activity, No drugs. More trees than back home.

How do you feel here?

I feel better because people here have more respect. The air feels fresh.

I would like to give thanks to all the workers and people that help keep the Yosemite National park clean. The place were I come from is the Harbor area in Los Angeles and I started coming to visit the park two times already. The reason I like coming is because I get away from the gang activity and drugs that people are always talking about.

joaquin on peak joaquin in tent
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