Carmen portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 4-9, 2006
  • Carmen
  • Harbor City/Gardena B&G Club and one.success
  • Yosemite National Park: Panorama Rim Trail


A huge obstacle that's both physical and mentally challenged but when you're finished you are prepared for what life might throw at you and will have a great satisfaction

Do you think wilderness is important?

Yes, I believe that wilderness is important because like every house it needs a backyard in other words the cities' backyard is the wilderness. Another reason is because since the civilization is more industrial animals and plants need a safe place to live in

Do you think wilderness is important to humans? Why or why not?

The industrial civilization makes people gullible; the wilderness provides a place for people to think for themselves.

Do you think humans are important to wilderness?

Yes because the wilderness is taken care of and safe by humans who have experienced time here. If it weren't for humans other gullible and selfish people would destroy and create an industrial civilization.

carmen on quarter dome carmen and katrina talk
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