Alex portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 4-9, 2006
  • Alex
  • Harbor City/Gardena B&G Club and one.success
  • Yosemite National Park: Panorama Rim Trail

How is wilderness different from your home?

All my friends aren't here
you get bored easier
There are all kinds of animals
There is a lot of rivers and waterfalls
There are lots of trees
You can see the stars here

Are you different here than at home? You can feel scared bored itchy hot cold but it is a lot of fun and kool to be in the outdoors

I felt great when I first got here; then the next day I had to start camping out in the wildness and at first I was scared to go out to the wildness and then it was just great; how animals go up to you and they're not scared of you. It was fun how were were singing and running racing up and down the mountains. I was scared at first and after my fear went away, it was cold and then I got used to it and the mosquito bites and then it was cool.

harbor city group at nevada falls alex and pedro by river
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