Monica portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 21-25, 2006
  • Monica
  • Kingsburg HS and Madera HS
  • Yosemite National Park: Sunrise to Yosemite Valley

" a place where you can look up at the sky and actually see the stars and not just a big cloud of smog. In this generation there is not value for wilderness, it's priceless. I think it's great that there is protected wilderness areas in this world, but I think it's horrible that so much of it gets destroyed every day."

"...Wilderness is not something we want to change, but something that can change us."

"I am only a tiny part of this big world, but can still make a difference. I don't need all the extras (TV, radio, restaurants, etc) to enjoy myself."

group during a lesson monica and jonathan on peak
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