Melinda portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 5-10, 2005
  • Melinda
  • Harbor City Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park: Glacier Point to Half Dome to Yosemite Valley

WildLink would like to recognize Melinda for being named the first recipient of the Anuual Lisa Patton Student Scholar Award. Congratulations, Melinda!

What makes the Wilderness sacred to you?

This whole place is sacred to me because it makes me feel like I've achieved something or accomplished an important goal. Sometimes I worry about home, but then I start to think why worry about my mom if I know she's happy for me. . I just wish my mom could see these mountains.

Green Trees

These green trees
Help me stay alive
These green relieve
Me all pain
These green trees
I need ‘em oh
I need ‘em
These green trees
Don't go away
Don't burn away
From me.

melinda and half dome melinda with alex
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