Joaquin portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 5-10, 2005
  • Joaquin
  • Harbor City Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park: Glacier Point to Half Dome to Yosemite Valley

What makes the Wilderness sacred to you?

I think it is kind of cool because we don't do this often in the city. I think that for the past three days that I have been out in the wilderness have been peaceful. It has been great and I am beginning to like it more here in Yosemite than in Harbor City. The first reason I like Yosemite is because I like being around animals but I prefer wild animals. The second reason is because the water is fresh water that doesn't have any chemicals in it and in the city the water has chemicals that make s people not want to drink water. Instead of the water they want coke. That is what I think about Yosemite.

joaquin on trail joaquin in the snow francisco and joaquin
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