Jamie portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 5-10, 2005
  • Jamie
  • Harbor City Boys and Girls Club
  • Yosemite National Park: Glacier Point to Half Dome to Yosemite Valley

What makes the Wilderness sacred to you?

This place (the Wilderness) is important to me because it's sacred. Being up on a mountain takes you away from all the crazy drama back at home. It's so relaxing to get away from all the things I'm used to . I was actually in a cloud right now, and it was amazing. The views are so gorgeous and I love it. The fresh air, the birds chirping, the trees, everything. Being up here, you're able to think a lot clearer because it's so quiet. It's peaceful. But, I think that it's so sacred to me; being here, because it's hard work. Most people don't have the chance to see what I see right now-it's a great thing. If you can come, I would suggest it. You feel so free, and alive. You loosen up and just have fun. Most people take what they have for granted, being up here makes you think clearer. We should be grateful for all that we have. Being up here makes me feel at home, and closer to god. Being here also brings me closer to my team. I've gotten to know them a lot better, and it's fun being able to share this experience with them. Thank you again, Cynthia, Enrique , and WildLink!

jamie enjoys the view jamie hiking group eating lunch
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