Stephanie portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 17-22, 2005
  • Stephanie
  • Vista High School
  • Yosemite National Park. Hetch Hetchy

Dear Wilderness,

I love the way you share yourself with others and stay beautiful forever. I love the way you make me feel relaxed and at ease. Your beatiuness should be shared with the world. Everyone should learn to love and respect you. If human hands touched your natural beauty people wouldn't appreciate you as much. God made you for a reason and you have a purpose in life, no one should ever that that from you. Your bring so much more meaning to life nothing is as special as you, and no one or anything compares to you. My love for you grows and grows. No one will ever replace you. The things you do are unforgettable and I will always remember you.

Much love, Steph

Why is Wilderness special to you?

The wilderness is special to me because when your there you feel relaxed and you don't think about the problems going on in your life. Out there everything is so peaceful and beautiful. Being there really helps you realize not to take the things you have for granted. It also helps to clear your mind from all the stress and pain you might be going through. It makes me feel happy that God made this beautiful place for people to see. The wilderness is one of his beautiful creations on earth a people should learn to love and respect it. We should look at wilderness as a present from God and we should all protect wilderness four our own good. Being in the wilderness and staying there for a few days, I think, changes people. I believe once your out there you lean more about why you shouldn't litter and why you should protect and respect our planet. Nothing is as beautiful as wilderness, it belongs to everyone and no one should take if for granted. My experience here has been amazing. I've done things I thought I wasn't capable of, I've learned to appreciate wilderness a lot more and to respect it, which is the most important. Wilderness is really something more than beautiful.

steph biomonitoring
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