Leah portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 17-22, 2005
  • Leah
  • Vista High School
  • Yosemite National Park. Hetch Hetchy

Dear Wilderness,

I loved you ever since I was little. My dad took me hiking. I love the trees the walks and the life of the Wilderness. But here at Hetch Hetchy, it more than trees, walks, rocks and so on. I found the Wilderness, the sound of the Wilderness. I found how to love how everything comes together and forms life, the trees are all close one by another. They love each other. I found how to love how the one waterfall connect with another, and comes into the river. Life in the Wilderness is nothing like the city. You can see stars, hear nature. I find myself in love with wilderness...and life is nothing without it.

Why is Yosemite special to you?

There's lots of reasons why I like Yosemite. But the first reason is because the life and living things. I think that my first reason because everything that happens, it for a reason. For example, the snow fall on to the mountains, and after a while the snow melts the that cause water to fall. Then the water goes to different cities and that's how we get water. And if one thing goes wrong it will mess up everything. Just think if one winter it did not rain or snow and it was hot all winter then the river would dry there would not be waterfalls or things that need water will die. Animals will dehydrate and eventually die. Everything would probably die that why I like Yosemite. And the reason of nature.

leah packing photo ; leah, jo and steve
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