• Expedition: Apr 17-22, 2005
  • Vista High School
  • Yosemite National Park. Hetch Hetchy

After a year of stormy expeditions, WildLink Expedition VI caught a lucky wave of beautiful springtime weather (with the exception of a very random and surprising snow/hailstorm on Tuesday). Hetch Hetchy showed us the best of her waterfalls and wildflowers, and after our stormy Tuesday, the sun warmed and welcomed us for the remainder of our stay in Hetch Hetchy.

Ten students from Vista High School in San Pablo, California joined us for their first expedition with WildLink ever. With a start this promising, Vista can look foward to a long and fruiful relationship with WildLink. Welcome to the Wilderness family, Vista!

The long sunny days were filled with a variety of exciting activities, including aquatic biomonitoring on Rancheria Creek, water quality testing, journaling, wilderness and map study sessions, and group challenges. We also enjoyed a stellar hike up to Tilltill Valley, where we challenged both our physical and mental selves, with a long uphill journey and a look at why so many cultures believe the mountains are sacred.

We learned so much from each other. We learned the difference between "wilderness" and "Wilderness"- also known as the "Big W". We learned about the power of the Bobs. We learned how much stronger we are than we sometimes think. We learned to pull together as a team when the going got tough, and we learned that we could rely on each other, no matter what happened. We learned that there's alot more to quiet people than meets the eye, once you get to know them. We learned how many different names we can remember for one person (riffle beater, ephy, bob senior, home alone, pocahontas, vaiza, vern, vernon, crazyness, mandy time, beyonce, gecko, bob 15, lora, fortune cookie...you get the picture). We learned to treasure water. We learned to treasure each other, too. Thanks, Expedition VI, for making this a WildLink expedition never to be forgotten. Many happy returns to the Big W!

group resting boys with tents steve under tree steve and leah, scientists luis journals student journals waterfall waterfall jo, leah, and steve viren and faeza with maps cathy teaching luis in snow
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