Yesi portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 20-25, 2005
  • Yesi
  • Madera High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

What are your fears and goals for the expedition?

This is actually my second day in Yosemite but my first day hiking around. Well so far it's really nice. I already know everyone's name. The activities are really fun and we figured them out fairly fast. To this point, I have had an awesome time. Nevertheless, I still have some fears about this trip. I really detest snakes, I just can't stand them and I'm afraid that one may pop out. So right now that is my number one fear. Other than that I really expect this trip to be an awesome one. My goals: Well, to be honest, my number one goal is to have fun and see a couple of wild animals from far away!!

How did it feel during the space walk to the cabin?

Well today we headed to the Merced Grove. We first rode in a small bus and made a stop somewhere and got some snow shoes. Then we got out and walked 1.5 miles to Merced Grove. At first we walked as a group in a single file line. Then, one by one, we started walking to the cabin by ourselves. On the way to the cabin I just thought to myself about how beautiful everything was. The views were wonderful, and it made me feel at ease. It was very peaceful out in the woods. After a while I started singing because I just felt like so happy. I was worried at first because I really thought that an animal was going to come out. But after a while I just forgot about wild animals and enjoyed the view.

Senses: I tasted the wind and chilly snow; I saw wonderful trees; I heard the wind singing in the tress; I smelled fresh snow; I felt a peaceful atmosphere.

Departing thoughts:

We are just packing and we are about to leave, today is the last day and I'm glad I'm going home to take a shower but I will really miss this cabin and the hiking. So I would love to thank Kristina, Mandy and Chris for making this trip so much fun and memorable. Thank you!!

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