Sully portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 20-25, 2005
  • Sully
  • Madera High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

What are your fears and goals for the expedition?

So far this trip is great. Already it took some of my skills out. It helped me to work as a team. My first goal is: for the people around. I want to know them better. I only knew two persons, my sister Yesi and Roque but don't talk to him. I want them to become my friends. Second goal: I want to feel comfortable and just have fun to take this trip home with me. Have a nice time and an adventure. Third goal: I don't want to stress. I want to relax, forget a little about back home and organize my thoughts. My fears for this trip? One of my greatest fears is when it gets dark here in the woods. I'm in my cabin and I hear a little noise and I start freaking out. My mind starts going crazy and I start imagining a lot of weird things.

How did it feel during the space walk to the cabin?

My experience coming up here was very cool. After we did a half mile I was pretty tired. I was the third person and it was hard to keep up with the guys in front. We would stop and wait for everybody to catch up. We stopped and decided to do the solo walking. At first I didn't like it very much but then it got fun. I was alone and I didn't have to catch up to nobody. It was nice. I started singing to myself. It was cold but then I got sweaty. I stopped to cool down and drank some water and started watching the trees more. How tall they looked and how beautiful they looked with snow on it.

What makes Yosemite sacred to you?

These Yosemite mountains in my point of view are special in many different ways. It's peaceful and lets me relax. It also lets me explore myself. The mountains are very different from home. I see peaceful spots everywhere. The river, trees and snow connect with each other and let you enjoy them and the beauty surrounding them. The guardian trees made me feel special in a way. You could talk to the trees and the mountains and without responding they are like friends waiting for you to speak with their ears wide open, hearing everything and letting you talk things out.

sully walking sully and gurbir in tree
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