Shong portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 20-25, 2005
  • Shong
  • Madera High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

What are your fears and goals for this expedition?

Really there is nothing for me to fear. Sooner or later everybody will reach that point in life where everybody has had experience of it. Death is no problem to me. I can face it anytime anywhere. People live and people die, but in between those two things, there is fun. The three fears that I think upon is the happiness upon my life, failure, and absolute rage. My life has been simple and boring with little or no meaning of life. If I fail upon myself then I'm not worthy for anything. I can accept minor failure from other people and myself but my life long dream is a major one. Through my childhood I've always loved animals but I've been purged with anger. Anger has corrupted my family and I fear that it might spread onto my family.

I hope to capture a small or any detail on the meaning of life and my own. It would be more peaceful if this park had a complete section banning any kind of machine. I'm surrounded by indescribable beauty. Even a camera cannot capture this moment. Some times in my life I want to forget, several memories, but I don't want to forget too much like this trip. Things have been blank for me and it's not even filled up yet, like a "tabula rasa", my life is only half filled. They say everyone is unique but I don't see that part of myself.

"You're never alone/good or bad/someone else has the same experience."

How did it feel during the space walk to the cabin?

I experienced a walk in the woods, taking pics while cleaning the lens of water. I didn't expect to see the cabin so soon. If felt like a piece of cake since I'm going to go into the army. This is a stepping stone towards my life. Didn't get to see any animal life forms, just plain snow and trees. Path was not natural. I'm sure it was over a mile hike. I expected lots more red wood...I'm we're gonna play a so-called's gonna bore me..sleepy.....these days are gonna pass fast with only memories of pix. I saw a small version of a super huge tree. Tree, trees, bacteria, fungus and mold.."natural wonder" cheat code for Age of Empire II (things that come in its natural form is best that it can get). I thought the first night would be boring especially the game but I was nowhere near to correct. I had a silent blast and sometimes a blast.

"Aura of silence" MTG

"I've had my silence, not I want my fun."

What makes Yosemite sacred/special to you?

Vast beauty can come in many forms. Yosemite is more like rejuvenation of my life. For once in a while I saw something that I liked more than what I can explain. Trees growing on the side of the mountain plus snow equals unexplainable beauty. Mountains bring high hopes and happiness, trees and the greenery brings life for all and snow brings purity. Although I am atheist (belief in no god) I can create my own traditions mixed upon mine. This place will always be a place that I would think of in harsh times. Would I worship these mountains like gods? Answer is something similar, like a shrine that belongs to Gaia (Mother Nature). What I don't like is the hunting parts in the forest. Killing for sport or poaching should be banned in this whole world. Like my fantasy, I will scar the world of this. I have done this myself and guilt has pressured me, especially the young, that it cares for.

"Rage of beauty"-myself

"The rose of beauty is coming back slowly but human kind destroys it s own beauty for itself."

shong in tree shong and kristina
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