Roger portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 20-25, 2005
  • Roger
  • Madera High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

What are your fears and goals for the expedition?

Well we were out hiking at the moment, but we stopped to do a few challenges. It was interesting to see how we all came as a group to accomplish something. It's like working together is helping us to learn more about each others strengths and weaknesses. At the moment Mandy and Chris asked us to write a few fears we have on the trip and a few goals we would like to accomplish while on this trip. Personally, one big fear I have is that while the out in the wilderness I'll need to go to the restroom and while going to the restroom someone might accidentally pass by and see which would b totally embarrassing. Hilarious but true. A small fear is that I might get separated from the group and encounter a bobcat or some wild animal. Other than that I have really no fears. What I hope to accomplish is to get to find out what strengths and weaknesses do I have. To get a better understanding of nature. To be able to improve my writing skills and be able to produce more mature stories and poetry. To be able to get to know my friends better and create stronger bonds. Well so far that's all I've come up with . Till next time I write.

How did it feel during the space walk to the cabin?

Pitter, patter, pitter, patter, drip, drip, drip.
Slowly rain falls on my jacket
Splosh splosh breaks the silence
Then I stop and listen.
The icy wind howls and yearns for the days of
Yester years, when we were all one with nature.
The trees see all, hear all, but keep all
And say none at all.
The trees rise from their roots, trying to reach
Higher heights trying to be one with the
Clouds, pitter patter drip drip drip
I walk further along as a river is heard
Rapidly flowing, freed from its icy rest.
Giving life to old and new alike.
Nature speaks and I hear with my soul.
I close my eyes and open my soul to
Listen to words of wisdom that age Carries.
I ask only to be granted safe passage
But am granted more.
I'm granted the right to
Be one with nature and enjoy the bliss and
Comfort our mother gives.
The life she
Gives and knowledge.
For all to use for
Better or worse.
Time shall only tell how
I use my mother's kind words and cold
Snowy grasp.
One can only hope that
It's for the better.
Pitter, patter drip, drip, drip Silence is now restored once more.

What makes Yosemite sacred/special to you?

Thunder and lightning rapidly falling
From the heavens to come and greet
A wise old friend
Whose wisdom is inconceivable, whose
Cold streams cleanse the thirst of
Traveler and animals alike.
Whose peaks reach beyond time and
Space, where only peace and serenity
Lie. It's trees listening and holding
Tales of young and old alike.
Whose paths carry forth travelers to
Unknown destinations into a surreal
State of mind and body
Where all is possible, and within reach
Where on can discover new heights
And achieve the unimaginable.
Where the chance to grow and learn
Live in every aspect of the scenery.
Whose guardians watch over
And grant safe passage to
All and share wisdom with those who ask and listen with their hear and soul.
And as rapidly as the said hello
Thunder and lightning say goodbye.

roger and rosa on bridge group with snowman
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