Mario portrait
  • Expedition: Mar 20-25, 2005
  • Mario
  • Madera High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

What are your fears and goals for the expedition?

My fears on this trip are that I will get lost. Some other things I am afraid of is getting bitten by an animal. I am pretty sure none of this will happen.

How did it feel during the space walk to the cabin?

On the way over here I felt relaxed, because it was so quiet. On the way I did not see any animals. I only saw a bunch of trees and snow. I could not smell anything. I could not feel anything because of the gloves. I could only hear the rain falling on my head. I got really wet and fell three times. I started sweating when we first started walking. I think the cabin is pretty small, and I don't look forward to the night.

What makes Yosemite sacred/special to you?

Yosemite is a special place because of its beauty. All the mountains add to the beauty. When you look at them it makes you feel like you're special. It also makes you think about the first people who got to see them and it makes you wish you could climb to the top to be able to see the rest of this special land.

group with half dome view
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