Yuban portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 20-25, 2005
  • Yuban
  • Parlier and Franklin High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hites Cove

The destination we hiked was 4.5 miles. We started on Savage's Trading Post and our destination was Hite's Cove. The one thing that surprised me was seeing a deer leg and spinal cord out here and it was very moist because it was killed. The way I feel out here in the wilderness is good. I like the smell of fresh air and it makes me feel very good hiking. No one disturbs you when you're out in the wilderness.

How do I feel in wilderness? The way I feel out in the wilderness makes me feel vry energetic. I feel like no one can stop me. It also makes me feel very relaxed and it makes you think very good thoughts. Wilderness sets your mind free from everything else that is happening in the world.

yuban and lawrence yuban and saul
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