Lawrence portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 20-25, 2005
  • Lawrence
  • Parlier and Franklin High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hites Cove

I hiked 4.5 miles. We started at Savage's Trading Post and we ended at Hite's Cove. The thing that most surprised me was that I made it better than when I did last time.

How do I feel in wilderness? The wilderness for me is very relaxing. I am away from stress of being a senior, being 18, and getting ready for the real world. It also makes me appreciate what I got at home. I took everything for granted. Being out there makes me think how ruff my ancestry had it. This spot on earth I so pure compared to my home. The is less of everything, but in some ways that's more. I am also away from my responsibilities of my ROTC.

lawrence drinking water lawrence hiking
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