• Expedition: Feb 20-25, 2005
  • Parlier and Franklin High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hites Cove
group on rocks

Students from Parlier and Franklin High Schools joined forces for an action packed expedition with beautiful spring conditions. Students passed their backcountry time in ever-popular Hites Cove, putting their minds to both long-established a new research projects.

After enjoying the abundant waterfall views in Yosemite Valley on Monday, the group headed out to Hites Cove for a full backcountry week. Spring flowers were peaking along the hike to our basecamp, where we would spend the next three nights and four days laughing, learning and relaxing in the wilderness. The week's activities included a challenge hike, Grinnell-style journaling activities, impact monitoring and macroinvertebrate studies, and the daily pleasures and challenges of living in the outdoors.

The group worked on the long-established Hites Cove photomonitoring project, as well as taking the first steps toward developing two new projects for the area. One is an human impact monitoring project to study the effect of human visitation to Hites Cove. The other is an on-line phenology journal that utilizes Grinnell-style journaling approach to monitor changes in Hites Cove both seasonally and over time.

flowers and trail group at Yosemite Falls lawrence drinking group girls in tent trail sign
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