Juan portrait
  • Expedition: May 30 - Jun 4, 2004
  • Juan
  • Harbor City Boys and Girls Clug
  • Yosemite National Park: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

How is life in the wilderness different from life in Harbor City? Are you different here than you are at home?

Life in the wilderness is much more different than life in Harbor City. For example: the air quality; no gang attire; and the beautiful sights. I feel different when I am here and when I'm in harbor City because you have to clean up your mess here and leave everything the way you found it rather than throwing a piece of can wrapper on the street and never picking it up.

Tree of Life

Students were asked to describe their lives as a tree: what are the roots that make them strong? Where do their branches lead...what direction do they want to go in their lives? What kind of tree would they be? Where would their tree thrive best? What is the trunk that helps them stand tall?

I see my tree thiving to feed hungry people with the apples. What kind of tree: an apple tree/Christmas tree. I want to feed those who don't have food and bring smiles to kids' faces when they see the tree at Christmas. How your tree is unique: I am the only "Applemas tree" in the world and it sits at the very tip of Mount Everest. Fruit/Gifts: Helping those in need of help Branches: to be successful in life and travel all over the world Trunk: People make me strong when they don't believe in me and I prove them wrong Roots: My mom holds me up

group at falls
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