Bruce portrait
  • Expedition: May 30 - Jun 4, 2004
  • Bruce
  • Harbor City Boys and Girls Clug
  • Yosemite National Park: Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne

How is life in the wilderness different from life in Harbor City? Are you different here than you are at home?

Life in the wilderness is different from Harbor City because in LA there is trouble out there; gangs and drugs and other stuff and you try to stay away from it . It is hard to some people therefore I keep my head up. Now staying in the wild for a week: it is so different . Like we don't have bears running around Harbor City and you don't see deer everywhere. This trip has changed to way I look at things a lot.

Tree of Life Students were asked to describe their lives as a tree: what are the roots that make them strong? Where do their branches lead...what direction do they want to go in their lives? What kind of tree would they be? Where would their tree thrive best? What is the trunk that helps them stand tall?

What kind of tree: I would be an apple tree in my grandmother's house AKA Nana, Papa I will grow strong and straight up. Trunk: my friends and family Roots: What holds me up is my mom and grandmother and grandfather plus family that hold me up.

I just want to make good money, stay out of trouble.

bruce with map
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