Paul portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 15-20, 2004
  • Paul
  • Franklin and Parlier High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Hite's Cove

Wilderness is:

To me, the definition of wilderness means a lot of meanings. First of all, wilderness defines the wild. The wild is all of the animals and plants (trees) that live here. And only those things should live there. I think humans interact too much with the wild. The wilderness also means that nothing or nobody is around and that is a good thing. The wilderness should be kept as the wilderness (wild).

Thoughts on Hiking Alone:

The walk by myself was incredible! It was amazing! I loved the river and the smells and the silence.

Have You Ever:

  • crapped in a hole?
  • drank iodine river water?
  • ate cheese, crackers and salami full of white gas?
  • got confused with what you're we with, rain or sweat?
  • hiked 5 miles up and down a mountain with wet wool socks?
  • slipped and fell in mud while playing elbow tag?
  • had one of the best times in your life?
  • had the best views of your life?
  • had a cramp while trying to sleep?
Paul in the sun manzanita flowers
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