Francisco portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 15-20, 2004
  • Francisco
  • Franklin and Parlier High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Hite's Cove

Wilderness is:

What is wilderness to me? Is it not the beauty of nature in its highest stage? To me, wilderness is nothing more or less than the beautiful trees, rocks and rivers that bring joy to your heart. Silence and peace are characteristics that make the wilderness an awesome place to take a rest. Other than some having to dress yourself well, the wilderness is a great place to be. I personally think that sometimes loneliness is good because you get in touch with your true self. Many of the times people need the freedom.

Thoughts on Hiking Alone:

My experience in the walk was overall good. I was thinking a lot so I didn't find any small interesting things. It would also because I don't have good eyesight. However, the foothills and their beautiful blue background were great. I took many pictures. It seems as if I wanted to take all the pretty things that I have seen, and take them in my pocket. Another thing that was interesting was trying not to intrude my peers' spaces. Petit was behind me, and Paul was in front of me, so I had to do my best. I was successful because I only saw Paul once.

Have You Ever:

  • stood in the rain for almost five hours?
  • gone to a place where you needed utensils and things to be comfortable and you just didn't take them?
  • eaten food with gas, and not only that, having to apologize to others for the mistake?
  • eaten so much that after you stop you wish that food didn't even exist?
  • had the fear of something because it is your first time?
  • felt like your life needs to be restored, and have felt better after a nap?
  • had a hard time in trying to decide whether to feel good or to feel bad because of something really important to you?
Francisco on wheel francisco with camera
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