Claudia portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 15-20, 2004
  • Claudia
  • Franklin and Parlier High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Hite's Cove

Wilderness is:

Wilderness to me is a place where you forget about the daily troubles; enjoy life without any electronics and simply not hear any car noises, the city and anything annoying. Also it's a place where you get away from anything and anybody. It could be relaxing and see beautiful things and animals. Although it could get a little complicating with the bathroom or where you sleep it could be the best experience you could ever have. I really look forward to this trip and hopefully everything goes quite well.

Thoughts on Hiking Alone:

Solo hiking was a wonderful experience; although it was kind of lonely and quiet, I made contact with myself. I began to sing and yeah, simply talk to myself. I was walking very slowly and was always stopping when I saw a very beautiful view. While I was talking to myself I also began to ponder what I wanted to do with my life and to think about the right and bad directions I shouldn't take, or should take. This hike back was even more tiring than the first one, but it seems I have made it halfway. While I was walking Mayra seemed to catch up to me. I guess she was walking very fast. We then began to walk and then we sat down for a while and Gerardo caught up to us. We arrived together.

Have You Ever:

  • slept over a rock?
  • hiked a five-mile mountain?
  • seen so many stars at the same time?
  • been under the rain with three layers of clothes?
Claudia journals girls at tent
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