• Expedition: Feb 15-20, 2004
  • Franklin and Parlier High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Hite's Cove

Spring has sprung, and Expedition IV was there to see it in all its glory, from deluging rainstorms to bright, warm sunshine to the first wildflowers of the season! And no matter what they faced, the students from Franklin and Parlier High schools had smiles on their faces and strength in their shoulders.

The group was led by last year's WildLink backpacking instructor Kristen, Mandy, and special guest Petit Pinson. Our first day was spent acclimating in Yosemite Valley, where we talked to Yosemite Park ranger Shelton Johnson about National Park Service careers, completed teambuilding activities, and learned about Leave No Trace. On Tuesday, we headed out to Hite's Cove, where we braved the first big spring storm of the season, dividing our time between toughing it out in driving rain, learning all about Hite's Cove history and journaling in our warm tents. The rain wasn't all bad, however; the newts loved it and came out in droves, and lots of lovely low clouds joined us in the cove. Wednesday afternoon the sun reclaimed the day, and we dried our wet gear and selves in in its warmth. We took advantage of the weather and the group completed their archeological photo monitoring task with skill and ease, and we gloried in a sky full of stars our final night out. Other high points were greeting the first poppies and other wildflowers of the season, counting newts (they love being out in the rain!) and lots of great Spanish lessons for the backpacking instructors.

We had a special treat on Friday, when special guest Petit Pinson shared her adventures on Mount Everest with a captivating powerpoint presentation, and reminded us to say "I get to" instead of "I have to", and "I haven't yet" instead of "I can't" when we're faced with challenges. Everyone on the expedition left stronger and more ready than ever to face their personal Mount Everests, whatever they might be!

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