Xai portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 5-10, 2004
  • Xai
  • Sunnyside and Merced High Schools - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

Being out here in this wonderful wilderness makes me feel happy. I not scared and I'm happy. This wonderful place of waterfall bring me here to this place that I would call it Yosemite the quiet place. Sitting alone I wonder where is all the animals. See other people walking past pound my heart because of the wonderful place. Tree are growing up high as the mountain tall as a two story house. This place is wonderful; fills me with many thing that I can't say. But this is the best for me to say. I love this place for what I enjoy that is fun of me and everyone. Being here is like the wind that blow once a time. Feeling this wind make me want to stay here to learn what I haven't known.

If I were home right now
I would be talking on the phone. Maybe I
would be watching the tv
or listening to music, and do my homework.
But now I'm here
in this place. Being with
friend that I just know.
From what we have
been through and what we see
the tree, footprint of the deer
tree that are green
the leaf that is yellow
fill every one of us
with the joy
what I learn is nature
of my home.
The place that we live
Is what our Mother
Nature gives to us.
This Mother Nature has
Touched me in my heart.

sunshine and snow leaf in frost
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