Lilly portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 5-10, 2004
  • Lilly
  • Sunnyside and Merced High Schools - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

What I think about having to do with wilderness is that, it is a place full with many adventures, and it's full with many wonders. I think that it is full of mysteries that can be discovered throughout lives and time. When I think about nature and wilderness, I think of excitement coming through a world that's full with unknown secrets. It's amazing how the wildness presents us with mysteries in our mind that there is really a world out there, and a place full of Mother Nature surrounding us. I believe the wilderness brings out the fact that it's a community full with many adventures and many thoughts into our mind.

What I would be doing at home are chatting, doing my homework, listening to music, talking on the phone and listen to myself talk. But in Yosemite:

When I step into the snow
I felt like a wild animal
But I felt scared and unsafe.

I feel like that because I feel like I am the wild animal and The wild nature around me is looking at me. When I'm at home I felt as though noises are running through one ear and out another. As I step into this dark sacred silent place I felt like everything is watching me. The silence, and the darkness that's around me, make me feel as though I am in a lost place, but I'm not. I am actually discovering the first outlooks of the silent wilderness.

lilly laughing saying goodbye to the trees
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