David portrait
  • Expedition: Dec 5-10, 2004
  • David
  • Sunnyside and Merced High Schools - Richard Iglehart Memorial Expedition
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove

Well, to me wilderness means a whole lots of things for examples animals, trees, and bunch of people around. My expectations about the wilderness is that it is pretty darn cool. But really though I just want to have fun and just think positive about nature. I just want to learn more about the wilderness and nature.

If I were at home right now I would be watching tv plus talking on the phone and play video games. Right now I would of have gone to cybertech and play computer games.

The Darkness

Giant sequoia trees
That snow falls on freely,
Each year everything tends to get old
But everyones can feel young inside
I don't understand why so big, so long
It's just that their names meant something
Important to us
Each breath I take, each move
I make I can feel coldness around that
Strikes my body
But also don't forget there watching us too
Mother Nature can play a big role
But still, it's a good feeling inside
And I call that the Darkness

crazy boys david doing chores
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