Sara portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 8-11, 2004
  • Sara
  • Reedley HS Generation Green
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP: Twin Lakes


Silence in cold place
Suddenly birds start singing
Oh no! yelling silence breaks.

Air blowing over, through the trees
Birds are singing
Someone screams silence no more.

Clover Creek Vertical Poem

Place that I found
Amazing, surprising and
Fulfilling and very challenging but
Undiscovered before by me that would
Last for a lifetime.

Longing for our
Approach and appreciation to
Inspiring to us toward
Nature to be enjoyed and treasured like
Gold is highly valued.

Generation Green!

It was really challenging and I needed to put more effort in hiking. At a certain point I didn't want to continue anymore but now I can say that my effort was worth all that I've experienced. And once again I would love to be back. I also have a reason to come back...Nature, I know will always be calling me. That's what I got from this experience even more love and appreciation for nature and definitely a first of a lifetime of experience in the wilderness.

sara sitting hot drinks and a campfire
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