Rogelio portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 8-11, 2004
  • Rogelio
  • Reedley HS Generation Green
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP: Twin Lakes


The cold, wet, white snow
Fell. A blanket on the ground
Forest Floor covered.

Clover Creek Vertical Poem

Always remember to
Drive only when needed.
Visit your local National Forest
Even just for one day.
Never pollute the air.
Try your best to recycle,
Usually around your house.
Reuse what can be reused.
Every day remember.

One reason I decided to come back is because I am interested in getting a job with the USDA or the CCC or anywhere else in the Forest Service. Because I have been here before, I helped with some of the things with the experience I have. I helped people pack, set up tents, cook, pump water, collect firewood, etc. I recommend other people to come and I too want to come back again because it is a rewarding experience and it opens your eyes to the reality of the world and how it's affecting us.

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