Martha portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 8-11, 2004
  • Martha
  • Reedley HS Generation Green
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP: Twin Lakes

Clover Creek Vertical Poem

Perfectly nature stands.
Everything has a life of its own.
All the while humans destroy life.
Causing a danger on themselves.
Either by the perseverance of daily life or because of ignorance.
For them nature is off their minds
Usually because of their daily routines.
Little do they know of what they're causing
Losing their lives may be the price
No message is sent to them.
Everyone has a part in this.
So help out to preserve nature
Save Nature and Save yourself.

Dumfounded was I,
In discovering what I was missing
Seeing the beauty opened my perspective.
Can anything so beautiful be destroyed?
Over time my question was answered.
Viewing nature, living in nature, opened my eyes.
Everyone should preserve nature
Remember humans belong to the earth.

Before coming to Sequoia I knew what was in store for me. I had had this experience before. But this experience was different from the last one. We camped outside instead of the cabin. We made fires, cooked for ourselves and hiked a lot. But it was all worthwhile since I got the experience to see the Twin Lakes. WildLink helped me learn and see many things in a new perspective. I learned many new things about nature. This experience in a way made me a better person. I got to know more about people I already thought I knew. But I also made new friends. This is an experience I will always remember. If I had the chance to do it again, I would do it.

group on rock journal moment
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