Elena portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 8-11, 2004
  • Elena
  • Reedley HS Generation Green
  • Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP: Twin Lakes


Trees and plants grow up;
Grow up safely and healthy
Quick snap of the fire.

Clover Creek Vertical Poem


Water runs in the forest and it is
Open wherever, and
Never would stop. It will
Defeat everything in its way.
Even if is a
River. It is necessary for everyone.
Forever will be there because it is
Unique and necessary,
Let it run because.

Today we came back. It was a good experience for me, because I never have been in the forest camping. I learned a lot of things like how to take care of the forest and the animals. In my 18 years I grew up enjoying the nature and animals. It made me enjoy and love all the nature, more and each day more. I enjoy to be here, in the forest and to breathe the fresh air. I know that some day I will come back again and I will learn more and more about all the beauty of the world. Well, I know that someday I will be here or in other points in the world loving all of this. I love the mountains, and I am so thankful for this opportunity that Mr. Garcia, Mr. John and Ms. Stephanie gave to me. I see the mountains every day but I couldn't touch or breathe its air.

But now, I was in the top of the mountain. I enjoy, I breathe, and I touch, and I breathe, I love, I enjoy, and I feel all this. It makes me feel free.

Thanks to all of you, because you gave the opportunity to enjoy the mountains.

photo::group at Twin Lakes Elena journaling
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