Emi portrait
  • Expedition: Oct 17-22, 2004
  • Emi
  • Kingsburg, Turlock and Jill Kinmont Boothe High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hites Cove

What is your expectation of wilderness?

My expectations for the wilderness are to see all the wildlife and nature that I would probably never get to see in the city. I want to be able to experience the greatness of wilderness. I want to buy stuff from the gift shop. LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Wilderness is a great place to seclude yourself from everything. All I am hoping for is that the weather clears up so that we can really see what nature looks like.

What was the reality of wilderness?

My experiences out in the wilderness were not something I would want to do again because the weather was cold and it rained a lot. If it did not rain I would probably have enjoyed the backpacking trip. This year was very different for me also because we had two different leaders named Winston and Edric. Winston always uses the word "stoked". It's so cool. Edric sounds cool too. He sounds like he is from Canada, but I don't think he is. Anyway, last year was bright, sunny and not raining. Well I really did enjoy the hiking up to Hites' Cove. I never had been there so it was a totally different experience. I hope that I can do it again in the future! It snowed here in Yosemite and I got so many pictures of it. I love snow. I even tasted it, actually I kinda licked it. But it's all in fun so hey. I met some new people also. They are pretty cool once you get to know them.

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