Sara portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 4-9, 2004
  • Sara
  • LeGrande High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove to Foresta

This week WildLink students were asked to imagine that all of the country's wilderness areas were in jeopardy of being developed; Congress is locked in a tie and the person who will cast the deciding vote is undecided. Each student has an exclusive audience with this person in order to sway his/her vote in the direction they believe is right. What would they say?

To me wilderness is the only natural place in which peace is created in between mountains. This place is the really beauty of the world. When you are in these wild places they give you the feeling of hope. Try to hike in the snow away from civilization, or climb a mountain or sit by the river and hear the beautiful force in which it cries. By doing these things you will realize how important wilderness is to humans, animals and the earth. This uncivilized and vivid place needs to be protected by our government and ourselves. We, the humans are part of wilderness. Wilderness is like the trunk of a tree; we are one of the branches of that tree and as so we must protect it. This place is so quiet and inspiring that in the silence you can hear your own voice.

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