Jackelin portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 4-9, 2004
  • Jackelin
  • LeGrande High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove to Foresta

This week WildLink students were asked to imagine that all of the country's wilderness areas were in jeopardy of being developed; Congress is locked in a tie and the person who will cast the deciding vote is undecided. Each student has an exclusive audience with this person in order to sway his/her vote in the direction they believe is right. What would they say?

I would go for wilderness because there's so many things you could do out here in the woods. Such as study how the animals learned to survive out here. If you try to damage that then the animals would have to go somewhere else. And you wouldn't want to disturb the animals at their home. I just think people should leave the environment just as it is. By putting buildings, streets, buses and other stuff then that causes problems for people to enjoy nature. If the wilderness would be endangered then I would do anything I can to stop that. Maybe by telling people what a great experience it's been and to think about how it would be without nature and the animals. I would protect it.

Jackelin packing
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