Evelin portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 4-9, 2004
  • Evelin
  • LeGrande High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove to Foresta

This week WildLink students were asked to imagine that all of the country's wilderness areas were in jeopardy of being developed; Congress is locked in a tie and the person who will cast the deciding vote is undecided. Each student has an exclusive audience with this person in order to sway his/her vote in the direction they believe is right. What would they say?

Whether you need to save the wilderness or not, it would be completely hard to understand the important values and the non important values. But I decided to go for the "wilderness". If you think about the type of surroundings we're living back home then you could be able to understand a little more. Animals, trees, plants, insects, rock, rivers, etc. are all part of the wild. Like us the animals that live in the wild have many similarities. They're like humans but just in an animal version. They still need food, shelter, plants, etc. to keep themselves alive. We can't destroy their environment. That would be completely wrong and selfish. The wilderness is being destroyed and sort of ruined because people are coming in and leaving trash, food, all sorts on non-healthy things. The government should try to view themselves in the wilderness place in order for them to understand how serious it really is. It's important to have the facts and then the plan. If I was to cast the final vote I would choose to leave the wilderness just the way it is now. Nature is nature, nobody can change that. It's sort of difficult trying to change someone's opinion.

evelin by tent
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