Esmerelda portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 4-9, 2004
  • Esmerelda
  • LeGrande High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove to Foresta

This week WildLink students were asked to imagine that all of the country's wilderness areas were in jeopardy of being developed; Congress is locked in a tie and the person who will cast the deciding vote is undecided. Each student has an exclusive audience with this person in order to sway his/her vote in the direction they believe is right. What would they say?

I'm looking outside the cabin's window. There's no one else here besides my camping partners and the living things around us. We're in the middle of a calm, peaceful, fresh and vivid forest. For these and many other reasons I am for protecting the forest. Some people need tranquility in their lives and this is a great place to take the chance. Destroying the forest will only bring more problems to our lives such as unhealthy bodies caused by pollution and other bad chemicals. The forest not only gives you the place you want but gives you the opportunity to recognize that other living things deserve to live as well as you and I. I recommend you to visit the forest and listen to the many things it needs to tell you and how convincing they are. This is why I say vote for protecting the forest.

mera perched in tree mera inside tree
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