Efren portrait
  • Expedition: Jan 4-9, 2004
  • Efren
  • LeGrande High School
  • Yosemite National Park: Merced Grove to Foresta

This week WildLink students were asked to imagine that all of the country's wilderness areas were in jeopardy of being developed; Congress is locked in a tie and the person who will cast the deciding vote is undecided. Each student has an exclusive audience with this person in order to sway his/her vote in the direction they believe is right. What would they say?

The wilderness is a wonderful place where people can experience the power of nature. It's a place where you can escape the noises and the smells of cities and town. For the most part the people that want to get rid of the wilderness are the people that haven't experienced it firsthand. A backpacking trip would surely change their minds. People usually get the wrong impression of wild animals, especially when they've watched When Animals Attack 1-6. When the colonies started forming (in the U.S.) the people that came destroyed almost all of the wilderness, there is but a small portion of it still around. I believe that the wilderness should not be tampered with anymore. There is plenty of unused space, in lots of places, besides if we run out of space we could always go up. A lot of the medicines that we use to cure lots of modern day sickness come from plants that only grow in the wilderness. Some of the cures that we still don't have might come from plants that we haven't discovered that grow in the wilderness.

friends at the falls
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