Tienna portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 1-6, 2003
  • Tienna
  • Detroit and Boys and Girls Club of Harbor City
  • Yosemite National Park
tienna with camera

What are your HOPES and FEARS for this wilderness journey?

My hope is to actual get through this and being the best I could be at it and really getting to know everyone. My fears I think is maybe someone not liking me or something. I am a easy to get along with and someone not liking me would hurt my feeling. I'm afraid of get hurt - broken bones, etc.

tanishia and tienna with backpacks

What are some of the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES between wilderness and your home?

Well I'm from a place (Detroit) that's noisy and out here its real nice and quiet and it really gives you time to think about things like life and its a place to conquer your fears. Where I come from you have to walk the streets in fear everywhere you go. You have to worry about things and people. Out here you really don't have to worry about anything except how many more miles to go. I really can't say anything about similarities because I really can't think of any.

Letter to Myself

tienna and half dome

Dear Self,

Today is June 5th at Yosemite Point and I hiked 6 miles. You are at Yosemite at the top of Yosemite Point. You have conquered your fear. You have set goals in which you will succeed in. Why are you here? You don't know but you're glad you are. You have met amazing people on your way to the top. You are a strong African American woman. You have the power to do whatever you but your mind to. You are also beautiful. The things you have seen here you can't see anywhere else. You have reached the highest mountains. You have made many new friends. You have even found you!

sketch: mountains and waterfalls
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