Tanishia portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 1-6, 2003
  • Tanishia
  • Detroit and Boys and Girls Club of Harbor City
  • Yosemite National Park

What are your HOPES and FEARS for this wilderness journey?

Hopes My hopes are that I make it downhill. I came on this trip to really see how far I can push myself. I would like to see if I can be a leader for the other girls. The other girls are all younger so I hope they see me as a leader. The 6 guys that are here will maybe push me (I hope they will).

girls in tent

Fears My fear is that I will not be a good leader and the girls may think I am a follower. Another fear is that I will not be able to carry all my things because it might be too heavy for me to carry. But I believe I will be able to carry my things.

sketch: where I live

What are some of the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES between wilderness and your home?

I am from Highland Park a little place in the middle of Detroit.

Differences: Highland Park has no rivers lakes or wilderness. There are a lot of recreation. Yosemite does have river rivers, lakes and wilderness.

Alikes: Highland Park has trees not as tall as Yosemite, but has them. There is not much of anything else exept that little amount of people to visit. Highland Pakr a small community if you really look at it but there are things like a school a lot of recreation where kids go after school to sometime stay out of trouble or there parents get outlate from work and have no place to go. The recreation I sometimes go to is the Y or the Hacket Frilax house. Mostly I would be at a practice like softball, weight lifting and basketball.

Tanishia journalling

Letter to Myself

During the trip to Yosemite I realized that I was getting myself into a whole lot. I never realized how far I could push myself. I really pushed myself for these 4 days. I was was up her ein the mountains. The people I am with they are really cool, they are Zac, Pablo, Pedro, Dutch, Enrique, Herman, Chris, Tony, Barb (instructor), Mandy (instructor), Allene, Jose, Stephanie, and my sis0x2022 Tienna.

This has been a very special challenge for me just to even meet new people. Most of them are Mexican. One is Black, and one Black and Mexican. Zack is like white but has a little Mexican in him I guess. This really does not matter. During day 1 when we were in wilderness it was all about comparison of where I live and where I am now. I would have never pictured myself up in mountain with bear and deers sleeping or hanging out on top of a rock up in the air about 6935 feet above the village I stayed in - Curry Village. It looks like ants and cars look like toys. Another thing there is snow on the mountains and it drains down for a waterfall we climbed down to Yosemite point and the Yosemite waterfall. They were beautiful spots. I did not look down the waterfall but I looked down Yosemite point. (It was creepy). I had very cool time. Sleeping in a tent being scared of bears and deer to come kick my tent. I was scared.

sketch: yosemite
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