Pedro portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 1-6, 2003
  • Pedro
  • Detroit and Boys and Girls Club of Harbor City
  • Yosemite National Park
Pedro leading the group

What are your HOPES and FEARS for this wilderness journey?

Some of my hopes are that I can see something that looks like I can't do it but doing it. That is all I need to do. I don't think I can do the 3 night all needing from each other. All the people that are here look like ok people look like they know what they are doing. Because we all need each other at one time or other. I know that I need help at one point or other I can feel good that some one will help me on the way.

sketch: journal page with art

What are some of the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES between wilderness and your home?

Some of the similarities that I can see is that I am with my friends so that's good. An another thing that is similar is that river. We have one by where we live it is called Harbor Lake. The last thing that is similar is some of the ?????. The differences are the sleeping outside. The surrounding is so lovely that I can spend all day by the river the way it sounds it is so peaceful that you never want to leave. The last part is the trees that trees are so beautiful and the waterfall are too – its too much.

Pedro looking over the edgeLetter to Myself

The one and the only goal that I have is to come back here. I have to come back if only I had money for gas only I will come back some day!!!! Pedro 6-5-03

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