Pablo portrait
  • Expedition: Jun 1-6, 2003
  • Pablo
  • Detroit and Boys and Girls Club of Harbor City
  • Yosemite National Park
Photo: Pablo looking down

What are your HOPES and FEARS for this wilderness journey?

My worst fears is not being someone in life. For example not making my mom proud. My mom tried so hard to raise me and I want to be someone in life to tell her that she did good.

What are some of the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES between wilderness and your home?

3 different things that are in the wild from where I live are wild animals like bears and deers. There's a river and lots of mountains with waterfalls. 3 things that are a like from where I live to the wilderness is that there's trees, water, sky with moon or sun.

pablo journalling

Letter to Myself

Dear Self, How are you? I hope your driving now and have a job. This camping trip has been one of the best things that has happen to me. The views are wonderful from the top of the mountain by Yosemite Falls. There was small birds that were soaring by me and that made me realize that when your up here you are free. The view of Half Dome was really amazing. The girls from Detroit were really nice girls (Allene, Tienna, Tanishia, and Stephanie). I hope I can come back here again at Yosemite point 6935ft (elevation).

Sincerely, Pablo Rivas

sketch: pablo's name with bubbles
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