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  • Expedition: Jun 1-6, 2003
  • Chris
  • Detroit and Boys and Girls Club of Harbor City
  • Yosemite National Park

What are your HOPES and FEARS for this wilderness journey?

chris with backpack

On my tour and journey through Yosemite I hope to see things I've never experienced before. I also would like to experience it. I hope no one gets injured and for it to put their journey to an end. I hope I have as much fun as I can and that I can make the best of a bad situation. I fear of some going wrong like someone losing their life on a great location in Yosemite. I fear of taking a wrong turn during the hike but I'm hoping nothing like that happens.

What are some of the DIFFERENCES and SIMILARITIES between wilderness and your home?

chris in lounge mode

When I first come to Yosemite I was like this is really different from where I live. I knew I was a long way from the city. There is still city life but not as much. Most of the houses out here are cabins like houses we rarely have where I live. Specifically the houses here are made of wood. Here we also have more trees, wildlife, bugs. The air is kind of different and the weather is cold in the morning and hot during the day. Its also snows in the mountains. I really like how the water is different from where I live. Like it's clean and cold sometimes. Pretty much the weather is the same. The people out here are pretty friendly and polite not like where I live. The trees are the same its just that ours are not as big as theirs. We also don't have magnificent and see waterfalls. Also the creatures I see out here are really odd.


Letter to Myself

Up here in Yosemite I've really changed a lot. My desire has got even stronger. My work ethic and team work has also enlarged. I can't say that my personality has changed but my enthusiasm has skyrocketed. At first I wasn't good at meeting people. I wasn't lonely, I just couldn't live well with someone that I have to get acquainted first, I've also developed more leadership.

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