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  • Expedition: Apr 13-18, 2003
  • Susana
  • Bakersfield West, Reseda, Crenshaw High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove

Monday April 14 2003
I saw trees, plants, flowers, person, I like who things are very nice very things but fol. I ‘n nice place. It was river. In beautiful things it was very nice. Things but I saw car snow. So I like every thing it was very big place. In lot of things out there. That I had never seen lot of things like rocks in every things it out like that trees big that rock or big thing I like this place very nice.

Susana and Nyande hiking

Now that you've experienced wilderness, what do you think about it? What did you think of wilderness before you visited it?

Well what told about it before it was that I was going to be lot of trees but like real to geather. I think that before it was it not going. I don't now why was coming but it sound like cool. But it didn't look that cool. But there a lot of things very different in here like animals, plants, restroom, were go sleep. (well I think that plants are very nice it a nice place were go could bed contraball. There nice river, plant in there. There lot of trees big nice there some small. In flowers. Small in big puffy trees. Big trees it very nice you need to see it to know how it feels been there for everything in here. Every thing it need with you with to see it very nice beautiful

Now that you've learned about the history of Hite's Cove, imagine what life would have been like in the gold rush era. How do you think they viewed wilderness back then?

I would feel very cold not like to go to the restroom. Even the rain with me. I would like to name that gold. But in this place is very cold were you swat one something not.

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