Nyande portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 13-18, 2003
  • Nyande
  • Bakersfield West, Reseda, Crenshaw High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove
Nyande getting water

To day we went on a hike. It was pretty nice and pretty cold all at the same time. We stopped for a while on the trail and played a gone mad at each other and laugh or each other.- In the end we all lots of fun.

Now that you've experienced wilderness, what do you think about it? What did you think of wilderness before you visited it?

Now that I have experience wilderness I think it is more beautiful than I thought it could ever be. The silence that comes with it is wonderful. The feeling of being one with all has a wonderful peace that surrounds it. Which for me makes me respect it even more.

Before I came here I loved the wilderness just as much as I love it now. The only thing that has changed is my experiences with wilderness. The sky for me seems to set whole mood of forest which why I really like it.

sketch: sun and stream

Today you've learned about the history of Hite's Cove and explored the ruins. Imagine what life would have been like to live at Hite's Cove during the gold rush era. How do you think they viewed wilderness back then?

Well I would be very cold at night especially when it rains.

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