Cynthia portrait
  • Expedition: Apr 13-18, 2003
  • Cynthia
  • Bakersfield West, Reseda, Crenshaw High Schools
  • Sierra National Forest: Hite's Cove



sketch: snagApril 15, 2003Now that you've experienced wilderness, what do you think about it? What did you think of wilderness before you visited it?

In my point of view I have always experienced wilderness since I came from a family who has lived in the wilderness most of their childhood and young adulthood. Even before I came here I knew that the wilderness was & is such a wonderful place. It has grace, beauty and mystery. But now that I come to know it, I feel the same however I do not like the fact (my feelings and point of view) that the wilderness is in a way being exploited and people are also trying to tame it. It seems to me that is like humans never learn the Cynthia drawingfact the is the case of man vs. nature; nature will succeed. I see all these beautiful trees with their non perfect shape, color, and stature. I will always and forever be enchanted with the wilderness. Side Note: There is on tree that to me is so imperfect that it is perfect. Its branches reaching everywhere, its twigs twisted and with turns. The absence of its leaves, the dark back color. The peacefulness it brings and has with it and the few young leaves that are lime green.

April 16. 2003 Today you've learned about the history of Hite's Cove and explored the ruins. Imagine what life would have been like to live at Hite's Cove during the gold rush era. How do you think they viewed wilderness back then?

If I would have lived during the gold mining days my point of view would have the same knowledge I have now. I would have probably have been one the those woman who made the miners fight and kill themselves because I would not know better. But if I would live in the gold mining days the knowledge I have I would be out there fighting for the preservation or conservation of the wilderness during that time, the gold mining days. There are many "if's" in life and "we" can not live in the past thinking "what if" instead of thinking "what if" ...people should be making a difference not thinking "what if" they had made a difference in the past. -"Silence is Golden" Cynthia's signature

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