Ger portrait
  • Expedition: Feb 16-21, 2003
  • Ger
  • Berkeley, Sunnyside and Franklin High Schools
  • Yosemite National Park: Badger Pass to Dewey Point

Food: fried chicken
I admire: dad and mom
If I could change anything in the world it would be: don't know

What is wilderness to me?

The truth is that wilderness represents life. To me it means peace and quiet. The wilderness is full of creatures or animals that live in harmony with each other. They depend on each other to survive and reproduce. If one animal dies or one tree it means that there will be disaster in the food chain, and if one tree dies, animals that depend on the tree for living will also disappear. The wilderness are also a place of inspiration. Throughout the millennium millions of people have been inspired by the wilderness beauty and even dedicate their whole entire life to protect it. Together people, animals, and the wilderness, they all make up which we know called Earth.

Ger and Kai's Leave No Trace skit

"There is only the moment, NOW. Only what you are experiencing at this second is real. This does not mean live for the moment. It means live the moment. A very different thing, live now. When you are eating, EAT. When you are loving, LOVE. When you are talking to someone, TALK. When you look at a flower, LOOK. Catch the beauty of the moment." -Leo Buscaglia

The quote by Leo Buscalgia, it means that where ever you are take it seriously and don't take it for granted. Where ever you are take the moment to enjoy it and just not throw away.

Ger crossing river
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